Horticultural Labelling Specialists

Established 1986
Prop. Ms. Illia Price


Due to being at full capacity in the supply of engraved labels and mounting stems we are currently unable to undertake any orders from new customers.

For the forseeable future we will concentrate on streamlining the production of engraved labels and stems to our existing customers.

Very many thanks to those many existing customers for their continued support.

Just a reminder for existing customers that the minimum order quantity is 50 labels of the same size.

The data to be engraved should be emailed as a spreadsheet attachment. Please ensure that the capitalisation and spelling is correct as we are not
botanists and don't have a spell check for botanical names.

(The RHS website is ideal for checking)

Your list is copied and pasted into our engraving programme before formatting for engraving so it's important that the data is correct.

The maximum label size we are able to engrave is 150x80mm.
Mounting stem lengths available are 370mm & 500mm.